Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Covid 19 Message You Won't Hear ...

..... from any of those 'leaders' in our nation

It is a message as old as time itself and relates to the relationship between God and man.

No, God did not release this virus, it is the result of man, the world over bowing to the god of this age and not giving place to the One True God. That god of this age, is also known as satan and while few would say they worship satan, they do however worship idols he has established all over the land.

The god of SELF is one of his biggest strongholds. As WE are very much taken with ourSELVES and think there is nothing WE can't do. We erect and worship monuments (false idols) to all those things WE can do.

We worship our governments, even though they no longer give place to God in either form nor function. We worship our education systems, even though they embrace the absurdity put forward by Darwin, and teach it as truth to innocent children who don't know any better.

We think we are the authors of life and think nothing of ending it in the womb by the untold millions nationwide. We now do the same with the old and or sick who wish to kill themselves.

We engage in all manner of sexual sin and perversion from pre-marital sex, to adultery, pornography and any other perversion one can imagine.

Our 'word' means nothing and we engage wordsmiths to craft contracts complete with loopholes, so that we do not have to honor our word.

We are reaping what we have been sowing these past decades. We have done everything we can to remove God from our midst and are reaping the result. We have created a nation that makes it near impossible for God to bless, although that is His True Heart more than we can imagine.

There is an answer to the current calamity the world is facing and it requires nothing more than bending the knee and calling out to God in repentance.

The fact God wants nothing more than to embrace all mankind is evidenced in the extreme measure He took to restore ourselves to Himself.

Our sin and our knowledge of our sin, has separated us from God. The penalty for our sin being death, which we all deserve.

The penalty for OUR sin was paid through the life, beating, crucifixion, death, burial, resurrection and ascension of God's only begotten Son.

His Name is Jesus and all those who believe upon His Name shall be saved and all who do not believe shall be damned.


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