Monday, July 27, 2020

British Columbia Death Statistics

January - July 2016 - 2020

The above stats come from the Government of British Columbia death statistics.

An old boss of mine once said, "figures don't lie and liars don't figure".

By comparing DEATHS year to year and not considering causes, it shows whether or not we have indeed been in the middle of a deadly event or just another nasty flu season.

In spite of all the Covid Crisis complete with daily updates from Dr. Henry and Minister Dix, one has to ask 'what have we been losing our minds over?"

For the period January through July this year is pretty much on average with a couple of previous years being higher and a couple being lower.

The year 2017 holds the record with 22,832 deaths being reported with 2019 coming in second at 22,482. Of note both are higher than this year and we have had to deal with the dreaded Covid 19 running through the herd.

I didn't bother taking this an extra step to compare the number of deaths as a percentage of population but would assume the population has been steadily growing over this five year period. If that is correct the number of deaths as a percentage of total population could be another comparison to look into.

There has always been some suspicion as to whether all deaths being attributed to Covid were actually Covid caused deaths. If someone got hit by a bus, and they had Covid, there is a good chance the death would be classified as a Covid death.

Speculation and just opinion. But suppose our leaders KNOW they screwed up by shutting down the entire economy, throwing the whole nation into a tailspin. There would be a strong political motive to make sure the covid crisis looked as scary as possible in order to justify their screw up. This could also explain the continued drum beat of 'second wave is coming' have to keep wearing masks and staying socially distant.

During the height of this crisis masks were not being mandated, but now with the curve and economy truly flattened there is this near hysteria around wearing masks.

Reminds me of a very old expression that went something like this: don't eat that Elymer ...... it's been on the road'. For those too young to remember back in the day when horses were on the street, there was also an abundance of what were known as road apples.


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