Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Early Covid Treatment Results 99.7% Survival

Frontline Doctor treating thousands of patients
sees 99.7% survival rate following his protocol

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko practicing medicine in NY has treated hundreds of Covid patients with a near 100% success rate.

His approach is to treat patients in the early stages of infection with the goal of keeping them out of hospital. Of the patients following his protocol there was an 84% reduction in patients requiring hospital care and a 99.7% overall survival rate. For those wanting more information on his protocol this video explains it in detail.

Reasons for resisting this treatment

Again it hinges on the use of hydroxychloroquine which is a drug in use for decades now and is a key drug in Dr. Zelenko's treatment regimen.

Dr. Zelenko explains there are four main reasons for the resistance while noting that many physicians are quietly treating their patients but are not willing to step into the glare of media to give explanation.

The four reasons he outlines:

POLITICS: when Pres. Trump said hydroxychloroquine could be used there was an immediate political reaction to oppose Trump. During an election year his opposition will do anything they can to keep him from having the 'win'. Willing to sacrifice untold lives for political gain.

BIG PHARMA CONFLICT  frankly put the $20 treatment gives big Pharma no profit unlike developing other treatments and/or vaccines. At this point both Doctors said they know many doctors who are using hydroxychloroquine themselves. The media jumped all over Trump when he made the claim.

ARROGANCE: the notion that anecdotal and empirical evidence is of no value and studies are the only way to determine the efficacy of a drug. Dr. Zelenko said he would rather be anecdotally alive than academically dead. He also noted that for the most part medicine is where it is based on empirical evidence and not extended studies.

FEAR AMONG PHYSICIANS the use of this drug has been so demonized that many doctors are afraid to use it for fear of litigation, or loss of credentials etc.

Not dying from Covid 
Dying from death by politics

The political desire to oppose anything that might be seen as a 'win' for Trump during this election year, is being opposed at any cost. Human lives and suffering don't enter the equation in an effort to unseat Trump this Nov.

Journalists are now usurping the practice of medicine and reporting and offering up their opinion on matters they are not trained to understand.

Some inconvenient facts

The H1N1 virus infected one billion people worldwide and killed an estimated 500,000. It killed otherwise healthy people in their 40's and 50's. By comparison Covid-19 poses nowhere near the same threat, yet everyone is hysterical about it. Thanks in part to the incessant drum beat coming from media night after night with the latest body count.

Dr. Zelenko made the comment that influenza is of more concern to him than Covid, he said he would sooner his children got covid than the flu.

The flu kills children, covid does not. An inconvenient fact the media ignores. He said that healthy young people who are infected should be allowed to let their own immune systems deal with the virus, as that is the way to defeat the virus.

Last year some 40 million people got the flu (with a vaccine available) and of that 50,000 died.

People who were intubated for extended periods of time have suffered incredible trauma if intubated for more than a few days. People have to learn how to walk and talk again, and in some cases now require lung transplants because of damage caused by intubation.

Finally Dr. Zelenko said that while science had once been looking for objective truth it has now become nothing more than a puppet of politics and big Pharma.


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