Monday, December 22, 2014

The Interview - Real Hacker Threat?

Or brilliant marketing campaign??

I must admit I pay very little attention to any of the drivel that the movie 'industry' produces these days as I honestly don't remember the last time seeing a movie that I find a waste of time.

The movie mostly shot in Canada takes aim at the North Korean dictator is now said to have come under a cyber attack originating in North Korea. Threats against the films producer Sony and even threats of terrorism on US soil have catapulted the movie onto front pages everywhere.

So if the 'plot' of this little story is to be believed, North Korea really gives a rats pa toot about some low budget bit of fluff coming out of the movie machine in North America?? This is the same country that can't feed it's own people and is hardly known as the cyber-capital of the world. Do they have computers? Electricity?

So is it a real threat, or just a brilliantly executed piece of marketing any Madison Ave. ad exec would be proud to lay claim to?


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