Monday, August 05, 2013

Colliery Dam Repreive ?

 The only place in town Rover can play in the water, off leash!
 A popular cooling off spot on a hot summer day.
City Staff Recommend Cancelling Removal Tender

The staff recommendation to be considered by City Council at a special meeting on Aug.7 could mean that the popular lakes at Colliery Dam Park will be left in place for the rest of this summer.

How the risk is to be mitiagated both short term and long term will be the issue on the table to be considered by SFN, the City and residents of the city over the coming months.

During this period the data that was used to arrive at the high risk level of these dams needs to be closely examined and the quality of the data and the ensuing conclusions needs independent, competent review before a meaningful decision can be arrived at.

Recently it has been brought to light that the actual physical condition of the dams means they do not present the risk of failure that was previously reported. It turns out that the dams in fact contain rebar, and for that matter rebar of considerable quality. It is now known the dams are seated on bedrock and the possibility the entire amount of water in the lake being released during a seismic event is not possible as the lakes are deeper than the dams.

It is now apparent there were always lakes/ponds in existence here before the dams were ever built. This means that when the city talks about returning the area to its' natural state they are not accurate with their current plans.

The consequence of extreme negative impact on the Chase River downstream from these lakes if the dams were removed has never been studied, and it is amazing that DFO would have issued permits for their destruction without a proper assessment being done. In fact the role that DFO has or has not played in this little drama calls into question if they are actually doing their jobs in this matter.


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  1. I wish the city would take care of the sidewalk in front of my house. It's perfectly fine but I figure, what the heck...


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