Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sierra Club Opposes Duke Point Incinerator

"Tell Metro Vancouver that Nanaimo doesn't want their garbage incinerator"

The Sierra Club of Nanaimo has mounted a petition to show support for their concern about the potential of a waste-to-energy incincerator being considered for Nanaimo's Duke Point.

You can read more about their concerns and add your signature to their petition by visiting HERE.



  1. Sad and shameful. Clearly Vancouver doesn't want this garbage otherwise they would deal with it themselves. I am tired of Nanaimo being treated as the garbage dump for the Mainland and Victoria. When that Tamil migrant ship arrived in Victoria, it was decided that it was too ugly for the Victoria Harbour, so it was pulled to Nanaimo. What is worse is that we allow this purely for a few dollars. Shameful for the city to even allow this to make it to this stage.

  2. can't sierra club find some other organization then - a private for profit organization - to use to collect signatures for a petition on something local like this? i am happy to support a petition, but don't want to give my personal data to a us corporation. thanks..


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