Friday, August 16, 2013

Daily Journalist Replies To 'Dig'

The other day, I took a dig at the local Daily for running a front page story about how the city had to use security guards because of concerns about Colliery Dam supporters.

While the idea that the city felt threatened enough by members of the public actually attending an open council meeting, to engage security guards may have been a story idea two months ago, it is hardly news this week. If the city manager and mayor had not denied having anything to do with the assignment of a security guard to stand around through a boring, very sedate council meeting, this 'story' would never have seen the light of day.

Rises In Defense

To his credit, journalist (he says so) Darrell Bellaart fired one back across my bow calling into question the calibre of journalism which appears on this pathetic blog. Fair enough, tit for tat and all that.

What I did find curious was the fact that while defending his employer and the calibre of journalists employed in the leading local news organization, Mr. Bellaart referred to my little sad-sack blog.

I was amazed as to why one of the leading journalists, in the leading news organizations would have any idea what appears on this sad-sack little blog.


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  1. It's surprising and very unprofessional that a fellow journalist would lash out in such a way. Furthermore, I think it's quite a stretch for you to call the Nanaimo Daily one of the "leading news organization".

    It's just an unremarkable newspaper in a small, fairly quiet city.

    The nanaimo-info-blog , on the other hand, is my favourite news vehicle, where I can quickly browse through important local events.


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