Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Automated Garbage Pick Up Coming In Nanaimo

Decision made
IN-CAMERA - why?

The following is a press release from the city of Nanaimo regarding the decision to move to automated garbage pick up in the city. The obvious question arises as to why this was a decision made in-camera and not debated in public?

There has been lots of debate around this costly move on the part of our sanitation department and the fact the decision was made in-camera is a sign this council is not really open and transparent in spite of their lofty claims.

The recent Events Centre debacle raises serious questions as to this council's competence and this decision and their unwillingness to engage the public does little to improve their already tarnished image.


City's solid waste collection to be automated

The City of Nanaimo is moving forward with plans to automate solid waste collection services. During last night's meeting, Council undertook a "rise and report" motion to inform residents of the outcome of an In Camera meeting held on March 27 concerning automation. Using automation, a refuse collector will no longer exit the truck at each residence to manually load the waste, instead special "automated" trucks will allow the collector to remain in the driver's seat and control a mechanical arm that will load the waste into the truck.

City staff will continue to deliver solid waste collection services. They will also take over the collection of recycling which is currently done by a contractor.



  1. Jim this was decided months ago. Maybe 18 months ago to auto mate and they bought 2 auto units that have been sitting for over a year in a works yard.

  2. What was decided was to see if the whole program would work by rolling it out partially. Then if successful go whole hog. Then that was also put on hold pending more input. The idea, that this council is making this enormous decision behind closed doors, means they learned nothing from the event centre fiasco. Doing it behind closed doors smacks of underhanded backroom decisions. Thought this council might have been different than the past ones, but this proves there is no difference. There were lots of questions being raised about the claim of work place injuries and there real cause as I recall, Something I believe needs much closer scrutiny than has been given it. The idea this went in-camera simply stinks to high heaven.

  3. How will the driver in the truck monitor just one 77 litre bag per household, which is currently allowed, if they don't look in the new garbage bin?


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