Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Councillor George Anderson Nanaimo

Councillor Anderson - A Stickler For Procedure?

After observing every meeting of this council since elected there is one observation about George Anderson that is a little troubling. It would seem that in addition to lowering the average age of council, he seems to think he has to single handedly enforce Roberts Rules as he sees them.

It would seem that the person chairing the meeting should be given the latitude to conduct the meeting as they see fit, and it doesn't necessarily put Mr. Anderson in the best light with him being the first to interrupt a speaker who is addressing council.

What Mr. Anderson seems to not understand, is that it is only a common courtesy of a city council to allow public delegations some latitude in their presentations to council, realizing that many are not seasoned parliamentarians with a firm grasp of proper parliamentary procedure.

Further, for the average person to even build up the courage to make a presentation to council should automatically cut them some slack, as the whole experience of addressing council is not a warm, fuzzy one. I speak from personal experience.

Mr. Anderson Needs To Let The Chair, Chair The Meeting

Mr. Anderson, who is usually pretty much silent on most matters, really needs to contain his urge to demonstrate his superior knowledge of Roberts Rules and take the lead from more seasoned Councillors who recognize respect and courtesy is a two way street.



  1. George Andersons interruptions and rudeness, as well as Diane Brennons, over bearing definitions of correctness, are just more example of how a persons words and thoughts are totally lost on the city council, you can listen, but do not speak, unless of course, you have something nice to say.

  2. Far from being diplomatic and encouraging participation it breeds condescension and exclusion.

  3. I move that the delegations be given a handheld counsellor mute button for the duration of their allotted time, which they can elect to un-mute in the event that they direct a question to council. Should staff then takeover the job of interrupting, then the mute function of the button can be extended to staff. In the very least, this button should immediately be applied to Brennan, Ruttan, Johnstone and Anderson. Any seconders?


  4. GREAT MOTION, I'll second that

  5. I am glad others are coming out now as well and seeing Brennan, Anderson and Ruttan for their ignorant and constant, constant interuptions of citizens who find the courage to come and speak or ask questions at council. Ruttan needs to take some chill pills and listen and Anderson and Brennan need to stop budding in and calling for Points of Order. You are there to listen to residents. LISTEN! And let's be blunt to their bullishness - shut-up the three of you!

  6. At every council meeting lets count how many times the young Anderson calls a "point of order" or interupts some (delegation or fellow councilor)!

    We should also keep track of how few times Anderson actually gives an intelligent position on a resolution.


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