Friday, July 12, 2013

Nanaimo City Hall - A Series

Does This City Council & Senior Staff
Deserve Taxpayers' Confidence?

The recent events at city hall really call into question what kind of leadership Mayor and Council and Senior Management are capable of delivering to the Nanaimo taxpayer.

Perhaps Nanaimo is really still just a small town, with big city ambitions and none of us knows how to  make the transitition. Having been educated and spent all our working lives here, we have just basically been making this up as we go, hoping we are making the right decisions.

Another possibility is that the 'Peter Principle' does in fact have some merit. The Peter Principle is basically the idea that within organizations people keep being promoted based on their ability to  achieve success at different levels. Eventually however, they are promoted to a position in which they are incompetent, where they remain.

City Councillors Don't Have To Prove Competence 

Sadly, those we charge with overseeing how our city is run, do not have to prove competence on any level. In fact, becoming a city councillor is far more about personality, appearance and the support of special interest groups and little to do with competence.

Regular observers of city council should have little trouble agreeing with the argument, that competence has little to do with sitting on city council.

This is the first in a series of short articles that will examine some serious questions about the levels of competence being demonstrated by city council and senior city hall management.


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