Friday, May 15, 2015

Deadliest Jobs In America - Firefighter or Garbage Collector?

This interactive graph published by Bloomberg Business shows the most deadliest jobs in America, and while the stats are from south of the border, I suspect they are likely mirrored in our country as well.

As much as the most dangerous jobs are not necessarily the first to come to mind, I also found the average income numbers associated with each profession quite interesting as well. I realize the US greenback is worth more than our Loonie, but the wage levels per category are considerably lower.

A few comparisons

The comparisons are by profession, number of fatalities per 100,000 and median annual pay. 

Fishers ... $35,270 ..... 131.52 deaths per 100K

Loggers ...$34,070 .... 97.05 deaths per 100K

Garbage Collectors ... $32,720 ... 33.16 deaths per 100K

Firefighters ... $45,600 ... 8.36 deaths per 100K


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