Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mayor McKay's Facebook Page - Reaching Out?

Mayor McKay accuses me of blood lust ?

The Mayor as you may or may not know has started a Facebook page to engage citizens in conversation for the purpose of perhaps listening to public opinion, or perhaps to promote his own agenda, only time will tell.

That said, the question was raised as to whether or not the Leadercast Investigation should be part of the Core Review, an idea which the Mayor does not support even though it was a part of his election campaign platform. 

Some people commenting on that thread said it had no place in a core review. The following is my reply to that point of view:

The following is the Mayor's response, which I have asked him to explain.

The reference of wanting to see a Leadercast Investigation (something as Councillor he was fully behind, and as Mayoral candidate promised to do) to a desire to see as much blood spilled as possible is one I have trouble with. Since when was seeking accountability and taking responsibility equated to wanting to see blood spilled? Interesting point of view from our Mayor.


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  1. Bill Flip Flop MCKay. This was the voters FAILED EXPERIMENT.Now we have to put up with him for 4 years then throw him OUT.


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