Monday, May 18, 2015

Great National Land Building Nanaimo

Great National Land Building - Medical Connection??

While taking pictures of the parade on Sunday, I for the first time noticed the carved symbol above the doors to the Great National Land Building. As I thought this building's first purpose was that of a bank I was confused by what I had associated as a symbol that attaches to medicine.

It's a sad day when we don't learn something and after using that fount of information with the funny name, I found that this form of the Caduceus applied to commerce as well as having a deeper meaning associating with Greek gods. It has also been adopted as a medical symbol as well which according to Wikipedia was as a result of 'The 1902 adoption of the caduceus for U.S. Army medical officer uniforms popularized the erroneous use of the symbol throughout the medical field in the United States'.

The following screengrab taken from a Google search shows the wide variety this symbol has taken.


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