Sunday, September 14, 2008



Nanaimo motorists along with other Canadians were the victims once more of oil company executives driven by pure greed! There is no other logical explanation!

Listening to the various industry spin doctors on television explaining the nearly 15 cent price hike on Friday made you wonder if they even faintly believed what they were saying.

Consider the facts. The price of oil did not go up on Friday, hurricane or no hurricane. The gasoline that was sitting in the tanks at the gas stations certainly was not effected by any imagined shortage as a result of the hurricane. Pure greed is the only logical explanation for the recent price gouge inflicted on all consumers. Remember the cost of trucking your groceries is also effected, not to mention ferry fares and everything else related to fuel prices.

Since there is an election campaign underway, all leaders of course tried to make political brownie points with Canadian voters. Even Stephen Harper hints that his party has a plan to deal with gas prices. Funny, it seems to me that there has NEVER been ANY political party with the power or desire to break up the monopoly big oil companies have in North America.

Speaking of monopolies, how can the gas companies explain how they ALL increase their prices by the same amount within minutes of each other, if they have not already fixed the prices in the backrooms!

Is it time for the general public to stand up and demand action from ALL levels of government (who all benefit from gas taxes) or will it take a grass roots movement to force oil companies to become more responsible members of society?

I forgot, this is Canada, and we will probably just grumble over the weekend, as usual and do nothing but complain. After all that is the Canadian way.


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