Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Nanaimo Fire Investigations Concluded

Smoking and Faulty Wiring
Likely Causes

Fire Prevention Officers concluded their investigations into the Nicol Street and the 5th Street residential fires with the following findings:

The Nicol Street fire on April 9th was determined to have started at the rear of the building in the exterior area of stairs leading to the closed-in porch.  Remnants of smoking materials were found in this area.  The cause of the fire is undetermined however it is suspected that poorly discarded smoking materials ignited the fire which displaced 6 occupants. During the investigation it was determined that the smoke alarms were disabled or removed.

The 5th Street fire on April 11th revealed that the cause of the fire was an electrical power cord connected to a table lamp in one of the upper floor bedrooms.  The smoke alarms activated and 10 people were displaced.

"Once again we want to remind residents to make sure they have working smoke alarms and ensure your electrical cords are in good shape. In a period of a few days we have seen 16 people displaced with no content insurance and having to start all over. " Ennis Mond Fire Prevention Officer Nanaimo Fire Rescue


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