Monday, January 25, 2016

Legacy News Media Going Way Of The Dodo?

Recent months have seen the results of the ever-changing landscape in the news media business. The four headlines above represent the loss of nearly 700 jobs in the legacy news media in the past four months. Those displaced employees will likely have a hard time finding work in their chosen field, although some willing to take a pay cut might squeeze out some of the newer, entry level people occupying those positions. 



  1. Don"t forget the Guelph Mercury in Ontario, it"s also closing the same day as the Nanaimo Daily News. The Toronto Star owns 20% of Black Press and also owns the Guelph Mercury. Big business just looks at their bottom line, Profits.

    1. ALL businesses look at their bottom line. If a business is losing money, it can't keep the doors open. Fewer people are subscribing or reading newspapers these days, circulation numbers are all down, thus, there are fewer advertisers.

      Instead of improving local news to gain or retain subscribers by hiring a few more local reporters, they slash staff to save money. Basically cutting off their noses to spite their faces, and eventually there's nothing left to read and nobody left to cut.

      If people would pay at least something ($5/mth?) for good local content, perhaps they could make a go of an online newspaper, as half their costs are in printing and distribution. But if you can't get committed subscribers, who in their right mind would keep the doors open?


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