Monday, January 11, 2016

Next Update On Nanaimo Info Blog Jan. 25/16

Nanaimo Info Blog Will Not Be Updated
January 11 - January 25, 2016

For this time I will be 'unplugged' and simply taking some time off. Traditionally January is a very slow month in the news biz and except for some machinations that will likely continue until the next civic election, I don't forsee anything of any importance coming out of that bastion of civic leadership on Wallace Street.

I don't say that because there is a steady hand on the rudder, but because for the time being, it would seem there are several hands on the rudder and it remains to be seen who will ultimately be steering the good ship Nanaimo.

 I doubt if during this time there will be any earth shattering announcements to do with fast ferries, downtown hotels, multiplexes, core reviews, city budgets or the like. I would not be surprised however, if city council simply imploded, which could actually be beneficial if it meant Nanaimo citizens had the opportunity to replace a few members of this council who have proven to be disappointing.

So, until next week I bid you adieu.

Jim Taylor


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