Friday, January 08, 2016

Nanaimo Golf Club Boycott Called For

Unite Here Local 40 is calling for a boycott of the Nanaimo Golf Club after two dozen food and beverage workers have been locked out by the Club for over nine months. Local 40 is BC’s Hospitality Workers’ union and represents the locked out workers.  “January is the month that Nanaimo Golf Club Members are renewing their memberships”, explains Shelly Ervin, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 40, “and while many Nanaimo businesses and organizations are respecting our picket line, we are asking golf club members not to renew their membership as well as prospective members to use other local clubs until after a settlement is reached.”

To help raise awareness of this issue, Local 40 and the Nanaimo, Duncan & District Labour Council have partnered to post a billboard on the Island Highway northbound into Nanaimo from Ladysmith. The message is a short and to the point “Nanaimo Golf Club Doesn’t Think You Care”.  Stephanie Sparkes, one of the locked out workers, explains that “although the Golf Club seems to think that the community doesn’t care about us, our experience is that they care a lot”. She says that throughout the lockout people have been dropping by with food, honking as they drive by, and some local residents have hosted fundraisers to help out financially. “What we are hoping for is that residents of Nanaimo move one step further and start showing the company how much Nanaimo cares about workers and about good jobs, including those in the service sector!” says Sparkes.  Both Nanaimo MLA Leonard Krog and Nanaimo MP, Sheila Malcomson have taken the time to meet with workers, hear their concerns directly and show their support by dropping by the picket line. Krog feels that this issue matters to the community. “Nanaimo wants this settled, and binding arbitration is the only sensible course”.

Workers are calling for Nanaimo residents to support the boycott of the Club, and to speak to friends, family and neighbours asking them not to renew their Golf Club memberships, and not to plan events at the club until these locked out members are back at work.



  1. The union refuses to negotiate or make a counter offer. How can the dispute ever be settled with their my way or the highway approach.

  2. OMG..they don't even know how the club operates...memberships are not "renewed"..they keep moving least understand your company before complaining.

  3. Get back to the table and work out a deal. Our group of friends will respect the picket line until a settlement is reached. NGC mngt + board and the couple of scab workers are causing this impasse.

  4. UNIONS making a big comeback. The young generation is going to be powering the movement. YES.

  5. I've been waiting to use the new facilities at the Nanaimo Golf Club but I won't cross a picket line to do it. Hope it is all resolved by the time the good weather arrives.

  6. I do not understand the Unite 40 representative's (Rep) logic to suggest that Nanaimo Golf Club (NGC) members give up their membership/investment in the Nanaimo Golf Club. In doing so this would not only damage the financial viability of NGC as a whole, but could potentially damage a significant and valued Nanaimo community asset. Please know that the golf course is not involved, only the clubhouse facilities.
    NGC provides employment both full and seasonal. NGC is not a corporate entity and will not exist without its members and support of the public, and community. There is no endless stream of profits coming in. The ability for NGC to pay its employees is directly dependent upon a strong dedicated membership.
    My understanding is that the Rep will only proceed with binding arbitration as a solution. Therefore, facilitation, bargaining, negotiation are no longer available tools to resolve outstanding issues.
    I personally care about the NGC union employees and hope that they can get back to work, if they are not already working. However, I do support a strong loyal NGC membership and would urge and encourage members and future members to support NGC. If inclined to support a Unite 40 stance towards resolution, I would recommend that members simply not use the clubhouse.

  7. I am personally supporting the Nanaimo Golf Club Clubhouse's position and not caving to the demands of a mafia-like union. The picketers are not even employees and represent other unions who are very aggressive to those people who drive past their pickets. A member received a letter from his union advising that he was no longer invited to attend firemen events as it had been "noted (aka - snitch as they call it in the mob) that he was seen golfing (gasp) at the golf course. Members are enjoying better service and drinks and tipping servers well at the Wellington Pub while those who CHOOSE not to any settlement offers find themselves out in the cold. Their union members support them, but let's be honest - teachers, etc are not exactly known for being great tippers so enjoy your time off work! Oh wait - you are being paid by the union to stand outside and intimidate people so I guess you are working?!


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