Monday, April 06, 2015

Band-tailed Pigeons Are Back

band-tailed pigeons nanaimo

band-tailed pigeons nanaimo

The Band-tailed pigeons arrived again the other day in a small flock of at least six birds. They are the largest North American pigeon and are different from the usual pigeons you see around Nanaimo. They are however considerably more timid than their local relatives so it takes a bit of stealth to get their picture. They are quite an attractive bird when seen in bright sunlight.

The feeder quite often hosts half a dozen of the locals, who are not timid at all and I usually have to get quite vocal to chase them off. I don't mind feeding the birds, but the local pigeons will keep loading their crops without any consideration for the other smaller feathered kin.

After observing the local pigeons feeding habits I decided their name must have been derived from  'piggy - ones'


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