Thursday, April 09, 2015

ICF and the E&N Rail Line - The Never Ending Story

 Passenger Rail Arpil 2 2014
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 E and N Good News
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Just About Time For Another ICF Announcement by Graham Bruce?

It should be just about time for the Island Corridor Foundation to roll out another dog & pony show assuring taxpayers that the millions (?) of dollars the Foundation has shepherded have been for more than administration wages and benefits.

Going from memory I thought that just recently there was a $400,000 transfer of funds from the RDN to the ICF. Does the ICF have to give any credible accounting for how these funds have been and are going to be used or are they just some secret society doing as they please behind closed doors?

It is time the ICF were required to make a full and complete public accounting for what they have done these past years.



  1. Perhaps the ICF and the city/town councillors and MLAs and whomever else are handling out our public monies in such a carefree way should be required to PAY IT ALL BACK TO US and put an end to this never-ending side-car train wreck!

    Kevan Shaw

  2. Fake announcements to keep many free riders gobbling at the public trough.


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