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Cost reductions in response to consumer travel decline

BC Ferries announced today that due to a significant reduction in traffic over the last few months, the company is planning a number of actions this fall and winter to reduce overall operating costs. This action is being taken to better match BC Ferries’ service levels with the reduction in traffic.

Following the Thanksgiving long weekend, BC Ferries will eliminate a limited number of off-peak sailings on its major routes.

The sailings affected are traditionally the least busy sailings and the overall reduction in sailings represent approximately one per cent of the sailings on the major routes.

The only runs to be affected by this initiative are Swartz Bay – Tsawwassen, Departure Bay – Horseshoe Bay and Langdale – Horseshoe Bay.

“Given current economic uncertainties and reduced traffic, it is only prudent to respond with a more efficient operating strategy as we move into the slower winter period,” said Mike Corrigan, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “Ferry services have high fixed costs which we have to cover regardless of the number of passengers we carry. These adjustments enable us to better match our costs and capacity with traffic demand.”

The sailing reductions have been carefully planned to help contain operating costs while minimizing inconvenience to customers. The fall and winter sailings affected by the schedule adjustments are as follows:

• Some 7:00 am Sunday sailings from Tsawwassen and some 9:00 am Sunday sailings from Swartz Bay
• Some off-peak even hour sailings on the Swartz Bay-Tsawwassen route
• Some 6:30 am Sunday sailings from Departure Bay and some 8:30 am Sunday sailings from Horseshoe Bay

• Some off-peak 10:30 am sailings from Departure Bay and some 12:30 pm sailings from Horseshoe Bay

• Some 6:20 am Sunday sailings from Langdale and some 7:20 am Sunday sailings from Horseshoe Bay

• Some 6:30 pm Saturday sailings from Langdale and some 7:25 pm Saturday sailings from Horseshoe Bay
Thanksgiving and the December holiday season will not be included in the reductions and additional sailings will be added during these and other peak periods.

In an effort to match capacity with demand, BC Ferries is also implementing a number of vessel substitutions on certain routes to reduce its overall costs. For example, on the Swartz Bay – Tsawwassen route, the Queen of Vancouver will operate in place of the Spirit of British Columbia until mid-December. Also, on the Departure Bay – Horseshoe Bay route, the Queen of Cowichan will operate Monday through Thursday and the Coastal Renaissance will provide service during the busier time of the week on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

BC Ferries is also reducing its overhead costs through a variety of cost containment initiatives including deferring the filling of non-essential vacancies, and restricting administrative expenditures and travel.

Customers are encouraged to visit BC Ferries’ website at to ensure they are up to date with the planned adjustments to the major route fall and winter service schedule.

For complete BC Ferries Nanaimo schedule information use this Nanaimo Info LINK.

Editor's Comment: Does anyone know how much those new Super C Ferries guzzle in the fuel department? Do they use more or less fuel per person they carry?


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