Thursday, October 09, 2008

Opposition policies would cripple BC's economy
October 08, 2008

British Columbians face a critical choice in this election

In a speech to more than one thousand supporters in Vancouver, Prime Minister Stephen Harper warned of the dangers posed by the Opposition parties to the future of B.C.

“The centrepiece of the Ottawa NDP platform is a $50 billion dollar tax hike on the very employers that create jobs,” said the Prime Minister. “That’s not good for the economy at any time and certainly not in the midst of global uncertainty.”

Harper said that the Liberal approach was no better for British Columbians. “The centrepiece of the Liberal platform is a carbon tax,” said the Prime Minister. “British Columbia already has one carbon tax. It doesn’t need a carbon copy.”

Harper outlined other Conservative initiatives where the NDP and other Opposition parties were failing to represent the views of British Columbians, including:

  • Giving BC its fair share of seats in the House of Commons.
  • Income splitting for seniors.
  • Ending house arrest for serious crimes.

“Why should you vote for the Ottawa NDP,” the Prime Minister asked, “when the Ottawa NDP won’t vote for you?”


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