Monday, March 16, 2015

Bill C-51 Protest In Nanaimo March 14/15

Nanaimo Bill C-51 Protest

C-51 Protest In Nanaimo 

The Bill C-51 protest in Nanaimo was organized by local Green Party candidate Paul Manly. The group of protesters assembled at the corner of Commercial Street and Terminal Avenue at noon on Saturday. They proceeded along Terminal Avenue to Maffeo Sutton Park where the group was joined by others to hear a series of speeches opposing the bill.

In part Paul Manly expressed his concern: "Bill C-51 will NOT make Canadians safer. Canada already has laws that make terrorism illegal and allow surveillance, no fly lists, and preventative arrests. This bill will turn CSIS into a new secret police force, working in ways that could complicate and thwart RCMP investigations into terrorist activity."


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