Monday, March 30, 2015

Dogs Not Allowed On Nanaimo Beaches

Photo courtesy Sheryl Falls 

The City of Nanaimo recently released this reminder to dog owners reminding them that dogs are not allowed on Nanaimo's public beaches from May 1 - October 1. Non compliance can be subject to a $150 fine.

Dogs Not Allowed On Nanaimo Public Beaches

The City of Nanaimo would like to remind dog owners that from May 1 to October 1 dogs are not allowed on Nanaimo's public beaches.

During this time of year the shoreline is active with migrating and breeding wildlife that should not be disturbed along with more people wanting to enjoy the beach.

Dog feces is essentially raw sewage. It contains harmful organisms like E. coli, Leptospira and roundworms. These organisms can be contracted by other dogs, wildlife and even children. Bacteria from dog poop can wash into the ocean.

Dog owners who are caught with their dog in a public beach area will face a fine of $150. To report dog issues, please call Animal Control at 250-754-1397.

To report dog issues, please call Animal Control at 250-754-1397.

"Our shorelines are busy places this time of year with wildlife needing space to rest, feed and breed and people wanting to spend long sunny days on the beach. Nanaimo has many other parks including 12 designated off-leash parks that dogs are welcome to explore year-round." Randy Churchill Manager of Bylaw, Regulation & Security City of Nanaimo

Nanaimo Off-leash Areas

The following parks have designated off-leash areas: May Richards Bennett Pioneer, Beaufort, Westwood Lake, Invermere Beach, Northfield, Wardropper, Colliery Dam, St. George Ravine, Gallow's Point (Protection Island), Cable Bay Trail and Beban.



  1. The city sent out a correction, It's May 1 to Oct. 1. No dogs allowed on city beaches

  2. A lot of dog owners aren't obeyed the no dogs on beach law. Also, I walk in the parks and there are clearly displayed signs stating dogs must be leashed. See several people with there dogs unleashed. No enforcement.


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