Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mayor and Council Mail Goes To City Manager

This morning I sent an email to Mr. Pamminger with some questions about the city's energy savings as outlined in their recent press release. I copied the email to Mayor and Council just as a matter of information to my city council.

To my surprise I got an autoresponder email saying that Mr. Swabey was out of the office until April 5 and that Mr. Seward was acting City Manager in the meantime.

I emailed Mayor McKay to confirm that copies of emails being sent to Mayor and Council are also copied to the city manager as I had not addressed it to Mr. Swabey. He replied in the affirmative.


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  1. submitted by Janet Irvine -
    Just over 10 yrs. ago, prior to sending email to the mayor& address, I enquired and it was confirmed to me by City Hall, that messages sent to that address were also received by management. I believe that the secretary in the Mayor’s office may be away right now. Occasionally, she responds by email.


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