Thursday, March 19, 2015

Nanaimo Parkway Intersection Upgrades

“This project will improve safety and help reduce congestion on this key corridor for commuters, tourists and residents – priorities which we heard about first-hand from Island communities during the development of our new 10-year transportation plan, B.C. on the Move.” Todd Stone Transportation and Infrastructure Minister.

NANAIMO – As part of B.C. on the Move, the Government of B.C.’s new 10-year transportation plan, Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Todd Stone announced that mobility and safety for motorists will be improved on the Nanaimo Parkway.

The B.C. government will be designing and constructing dual left-turn lanes on Highway 19 in Nanaimo (also known as the Nanaimo Parkway) at two key intersections. This $2.5-million project includes: 

  • Constructing a second southbound left-turn lane on the Nanaimo Parkway at the intersection with Jinglepot Road and Mostar Road.
  • Constructing a second southbound left-turn lane on the Nanaimo Parkway at the intersection with Jinglepot Road and Third Street.

Constructing a second through lane on the east side of both intersections. Changing the signal timing at both locations. Once completed, these improvements will move the high volumes of left-turning traffic at these intersections more safety and efficiently, and help improve the overall flow of traffic along the Nanaimo Parkway.

Design work will begin in spring 2015, with construction expected to be completed at both intersections by spring 2016.

Since 2001, the provincial government and its partners have invested more than $30 million in transportation infrastructure improvements in the Nanaimo area.

B.C. on the Move is government’s new 10-year plan for the improvement of the province’s transportation network. It provides a comprehensive road map for transportation investments and strategic policy actions over the next decade. The actions prioritized in B.C. on the Move will grow the economy, maintain and replace aging infrastructure, and support trade for B.C.’s expanding resource sectors through Canada’s Asia-Pacific Gateway.

Over the next three years, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure will invest up to $2.5 billion to improve British Columbia’s transportation network.

Michelle Stilwell

“These intersection improvements will greatly benefit the more than 30,000 motorists who use the Nanaimo Parkway each and every day, by providing everyone with a safer and more reliable drive.” :Parksville-Qualicum MLA Michelle Stilwell –


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  1. All intersections on the parkway should have free flow cloverleafs, not lights. Having lights on a hwy, every few kms, is ridiculous.


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