Saturday, March 28, 2015

Nanaimo City Hall Top Earners

nanaimo city hall wage increases

Nanaimo City Hall Wage Increases

The above chart has been published before and of course is now out of date, and I will not have the numbers for 2014 until the end of June if reporting goes as usual.

On Monday city council will be taken through a financial plan review process where they will go over line by line of individual expenses included in the budget. By the time they have gone through that exercise they will be convinced there is likely nothing that can be taken out of the budget.

However, you will note that the subject of wages and benefits at city hall are never part of this discussion or comparison which makes you wonder if either council or city staff have ever been serious about dealing with rising taxes.

Council recently approved another 6% staff wage increase over the next three years, an increase that the exempt staff will enjoy as well. Not only is this wage increase well ahead of the private sector but is even out of line with other union settlements across the province. For example, it was recently announced that COPE had settled with ICBC for 5.5% over 5 years.

When exempt staff increases are going to go up in lock-step with union increases, you have to wonder if this doesn't introduce a conflict of interest in the whole process.

You have to wonder how anyone feels entitled to wage increases ranging from $31,000 - $53,000 over a five year period. 


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  1. I wish my wages would have gone up at the same rate since 08.

    Clearly my employer and whoever is giving out raises at City Hall have a different view of what is a fair wage increase. I guess City Hall makes much more money than my bosses businesses. I'd like to know who approved these salary increase and how much they make. It's no wonder my taxes go up every year.


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