Monday, March 30, 2015

Bill McKay's Campaign Colliery Dam Position

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Candidate McKay's Colliery Dam Position



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  2. So let me get this straight -- Mayor McKay says on his “McKay for Mayor” website: "As a councillor I’ve always challenged the information (I assume from city staff) that was put in front of me." "As your leader (mayor) I’ll continue to do so.”

    Is this living up to an election promise?
    Is Mr. McKay still challenging staff now that he's mayor?
    or (god-forbid) is Mr. McKay snuggling up to close to staff now that he sits in the big chair?

    Kevan Shaw

  3. He looks like a snuggler.

  4. Now Mayor McKay actually went further than he states in the video: at one of the campaign meetings he declared that the colliery dams are just fine and we should get on to other things.

    In three short months McKay has backed down on the two commitments that unquestionably made the difference to his campaign -- the other being the need for an investigation of the Leadercast debacle/scandal.

    I would say that it's time for him to take that proverbial walk in the snow -- if he can find any nearby. It took the previous mayor a full term and then some to blow his support. And he blew it by siding with the bureaucrats on a number of big issues without consulting the public properly -- i.e., in advance of making a commitment. In fact, he blew it so badly that he went from over 50% support in 2011 to poor also-ran status in 2014. That's likely a record for plummeting confidence in an incumbent.

    The message to the new mayor is clear: get back to your commitments and stop looking for outs or you'll be finished as a leader before you even get started. Four years is a long time for Nanaimo to put up with a lame-duck mayor. The people expect much, much more than the mayor is delivering.

  5. Whose dumb idea was it to add a year to length of term in office?? They should have gone the other way and subtracted a year. Even two years is a stretch for some of the people we seem to elect !!

  6. Re Bruce Norris Comment:
    I too think ONLY two years should be the maximum. Then elected politicians would have to listen and please taxpayers as they'd know they could be ousted.

    Now, by the time four years rolls around we're all too P.O.ed and don't give a *% anymore - or maybe that's the objective (we just go away).



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