Thursday, March 19, 2015

Nanaimo Core Services Review Progressing

Dr. Roshan Danesh
Consultant chosen to lead discussion

At its meeting held Monday night it was announced that Dr. Roshan Danesh was chosen to work with Council during an upcoming open meeting scheduled April 15 to develop the scope of work for a Core Services Review.  Details outlined in the scope of work will be used to draft the required Request for Proposal document following which an outside consultant will be hired to carry out the actual review.

The Core Services Review is intended to provided Council, staff and the community an opportunity to examine the City's services and operations and determine where, when looking forward, the City should best direct its attention, resources and support.

Dr. Roshan Danesh, a lawyer, conflict resolution innovator and educator, was chosen from a list of qualified candidates as the successful consultant for facilitating the first meeting of the Core Services Review Steering Committee for the purpose of establishing a scope of work.

The Core Services Review Steering Committee is comprised of members of Council and chaired by the Mayor with a mandate to support, guide and oversee the Core Services Review.

The inaugural meeting on April 15 is an open meeting and members of the public interested in the Core Services Review are welcome to attend as observers.


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