Sunday, March 22, 2015

Science World Comes To Woodgrove Centre


Just in time for spring break! Science World On the Road arrives at Woodgrove Centre on March 23, 2015 for a series of live 30 minute science shows and activities over four days. Families are invited to watch the free shows at 11 am and 3 pm March 23-26 in centre court near the water clock. Their high energy shows will explore a wide range of topics using flying rubber chickens, hair raising electrical experiments, and maybe even a fireball.

In between the science shows, children can take part in free science on the spot activities from noon to 2 pm. In addition to a KEVA plank building area, there will be an area where visitors of all ages can try some of the science demonstrations from the show including a Van de Graaff generator to make hair stand up, spinning platform, leaf blower and beach ball. Another station will demonstrate fun science activities that people can make at home with repurposed materials such as a ping pong ball launcher, paper planes, helicopters, and other flying toys made with recycled newspaper, magazines and telephone books. Marketing Director Nola Dunn commented, “The shows were very well attended last year and it is wonderful to welcome Science World back to Woodgrove for spring break. We have added many activities to the event this year to ensure that visitors have the opportunity to experience the educational science demonstrations first-hand.”

Science World is thrilled to be bringing their spectacular, live science shows to Nanaimo for another year. “It is always rewarding to share our amazing live shows around the province. Having grown up in Nanaimo, I am particularly excited to bring these spectacular science activities back to my home town,” shared Bronwyn McNeil, one of the performers who will be appearing at Woodgrove Centre.
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