Friday, March 27, 2015

Hydro Bill and Pre Paid Credit Cards Scam

Nanaimo RCMP warn residents of a scam with a call from someone claiming to be with BC Hydro, and instructions to use pre-paid Visa cards. A Nanaimo woman lost hundreds of dollars as a victim of this con.

Near the first part of March, the 48-year-old woman got a call from a person saying they worked for BC Hydro. Call display identified the call was coming from Utah. The woman was told she owed money and her power would be shut off for non payment.

She was instructed to buy pre-paid Visa top-up cards, scratch the back off and give the numbers to “BC Hydro”. She purchased $1000 worth, and gave the information to the caller.

When called a few days later saying they needed more money the victim became suspicious and called the real BC Hydro in Nanaimo. She was told that BC Hydro would never do such a thing.

Nanaimo RCMP investigators called the phone number in Utah. The person quickly hung up when asked for their location. A Google search revealed numerous fraud complaints linked to the same number.

The victim will not be able to recover her money, but could have avoided the loss by simply calling BC Hydro in Nanaimo.


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