Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Unfair Statement About Media Coverage of Council

Unfair Statement on my part 
The following post appeared a few days back in which I commented that it is unusual to see either CTV or 91.7 Coast FM reps covering city hall meetings. At the March 16th Council meeting Hilary Eastmure from Coast FM informed me that my comment was unfair as she covers all city council and committee of the whole meetings from her office courtesy of the live streaming from the City website. Wish I'd thought of that. :^)

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It is a bit of a game sometime for people with cameras to catch other people who are usually using the camera, while they are using their camera. I refer to it as 'shooting the shooter'.

Well in this case it was a hat trick being able to catch three of Nanaimo's local media in one single shot. Bonus points!!

I managed this little capture at the Mar. 2 City Council meeting which included left to right, Jett Bassi CTV, Hilary Eastmure 91.7 Coast FM News and Spencer Anderson of the Nanaimo Daily.

While Spencer covers most city council meetings it is unusual to see CTV or 91.7 FM News covering city hall meetings. Perhaps they thought something on the agenda might be exceptionally news worthy. However the only really involved agenda item was the letter from DSS telling the city they had until March 27 to come up with the final plan for Colliery Dam. This was the last item on the agenda and I think both Jett and Hilary had left long before then. 


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