Thursday, December 03, 2015

Nanaimo City Manager Hiring Process

Distributed December 3, 2015

Hiring of City Manager - Update

In response to reports in the community concerning the steps taken during the hiring of the interim City Manager, the City of Nanaimo wishes to outline the following meetings and discussions that led to the six-month appointment of Tracy Samra.

* On Oct 27, 2015, Mayor and Council struck a Hiring Committee comprised of all members of Council and directed the City's Human Resources (HR) Director to post an Expression of Interest for an Interim City Manager with a closing date of November 2, 2015.

* On Nov 2, the HR Director provided the Hiring Committee with the applications of seven candidates that met the deadline, along with a list of available contractors identified via the BC Local Government Temporary Assignment Database.

* On Nov 9, the HR Director provided the Hiring Committee with additional available contractors from the BC Local Government Temporary Assignment Database.

* On Nov 13, the Hiring Committee selected a candidate and passed a motion recommending Council appoint Tracy Samra as City Manager for a six-month period.

* On Nov 16, during an In Camera meeting, Council passed a motion to make an offer to Tracy Samra.  No other motions were adopted.

* On Nov 17, Tracy Samra accepted the offer and an employment contract was created.

Council, by unanimous resolution Nov 30, confirmed Tracy Samra's appointment as City Manager for a six-month period under the City of Nanaimo's "Officer's Appointment and Delegation Bylaw 2006 No. 7031".

Ms. Samra was previously hired by the City, following an external selection process which included interviews and reference checks. She filled the role of Corporate Officer, serving as the Legislative Services Manager for a period of six months.

Council continues to work with the City of Nanaimo's HR Director to secure a permanent candidate for the position of City Manager.

"It is Council's hope that the details shared today provide clarity on the steps taken to appoint Tracy Samra as Nanaimo's City Manager for a six-month period.  Council's decision to appoint Ms. Samra followed numerous meetings of Council over a two-week period.  Council believes Ms. Samra's past experience, strong ties in the community and immediate availability made her an ideal candidate for this critical role."  -  Bill McKay Mayor City of Nanaimo 


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