Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Only Legitimate Businesses Need Licencing


Like over 5,000 others in the city I got my business licence invoice for 2016 in the mail today. The fee for next year is still $165 which seems reasonable enough, except I am not sure what the city actually provides me for the $165. But that is a topic for another post later.

Nanaimo City Hall Turns Blind Eye To Pot Shops

What really gets my knickers in a knot is the fact that at least ten pot shops have been operating in our fair city without any form of business licence, and the city seems OK with that. It would also seem they are ignoring provincial labour laws and other employee benefits they seem to think just don't apply to them somehow.

The operators present themselves as just providing a service desperately needed by their clients. They profess to be a legitimate business. If so, they need to behave like one, start by getting a business licence, proper documentation with Rev Canada and submit your employee deductions like you should be.


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