Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Nanaimo Gas Prices Still Highest

While gas prices in Nanaimo have remained pretty stable through the summer months they still are proving that the local gas cartel are able to extract more money from the motoring public than other Island points.

The above prices taken from Gas Buddy at 9:00am Sept. 3, 2013 show that for reasons unexplained Nanaimo is still higher than Duncan and Comox when it comes to the pump price. In fact we are also a couple of cents more than Victoria when you deduct the bus tax that is included in their price of 139.9.

A price difference of 5 cents equals $2.50 on a 50 litre fill up, which is $2.50 you won't have to spend on something more enjoyable, like a coffee and donut someplace. That difference equals $4.00 on the 8 cents per litre difference when compared with Comox. Put another way, in Duncan you can spring for a coffee and donut at TImmys', or a Vanilla Latte at Starbux in Comox with the money saved at the pumps.

If it is competition that results in the consistently lower Duncan and Comox prices, then maybe it is time for the Nanaimo market to become competitive also.

Here's a free idea, that this city hall will probably like; in the interest of bringing lower gas prices to the Nanaimo motoring public, the city should offer a 10 year tax exemption to the operators that are causing the competition elsewhere!


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