Friday, January 30, 2015

Gord Fuller's Condition Updated By Robert Fuller

Robert Fuller, the brother of Gord Fuller addressed a crowd of concerned folk at the Colliery Dam on Thursday under a clear blue sky. 

He was pleased to report that while the road ahead for Gord is a long one, he is cautiously optimistic that Gord will make a full recovery. He noted that while concern for Gord is appreciated people should not try to visit him in hospital or make calls to the hospital as staff can not give out information and taking the call uses their time.

Gord is still under sedation but has opened his eyes on occasion and seemed aware of people around him which as Robert put it is reason for cautious optimism.

Robert noted that events of late put into sharp focus what is really important in life, and it is not the Colliery Dam or City budget or any of those other things we fuss so much about, rather it is about our relationships one with another. He commented that the number of people present represented what community was all about, which is something Gord has worked so hard for.


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