Monday, January 19, 2015

Nanaimo Theatre Group Auditions - 'Bus Stop'

Nanaimo Theatre Group auditions for their 
2015 Festival Show Bus Stop

Written by William Inge and presented by Permission of Dramatists Play Service, Inc.,  the play is set in a road-side diner during a snowstorm and follows the experiences of people struggling to connect.

The unlikely ensemble of characters in the comedy is faced with making serious decisions in their lives.  Bus Stop was first staged in 1955 – a year perched on the edge between the perceived age of innocence and the new world of the ‘60s which was about to unfold.

Auditions will be held  Wednesday, January 21 , from 7  to  9pm  and  Saturday, January 24 from  2 to 4pm . Callbacks, if necessary, will happen on  January 28 & 31 .

Audition pieces from the script will be provided.

For more information regarding rehearsal dates, roles or special required skills visit  Nanaimo Theatre Group website .

The Bailey Studio is located at  2372 Rosstown Road, Nanaimo


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