Monday, January 05, 2015

Mayor McKay On The Colliery Dams Solution

What is Mayor McKay saying???

The above screen grab is taken from today's Daily News interview with Mayor Bill McKay. The question is whether a Colliery dams approval should go to referendum when a proposal comes to council. It would seem that because of a lack of public input to not remediate the dams is the reason he is using as rationale for doing something.

Unless McKay is being misquoted he clearly says: " We've had very little input from the public with respect to not remediating those dams, so one would suggest with lack of any input from the public in opposition to it, we want to go ahead with it."

Really?? Unless, I am not interpreting McKay's response correctly it would appear he is saying that because the general public have not said we should not remediate the dams, he is planning on proceeding with some remediation. To my understanding after $2.5 million it is yet unproven if we HAVE to remediate the dams and I am quite surprised this fact has escaped our new Mayor.

Why would the public come out saying we don't need to remediate the dams, when the only message coming from city hall has been how dangerous they are? A fact, that is still unproven, unless I have missed some recent report.



  1. This answer makes no sense what-so-ever.

  2. Very little input indeed.

  3. I am afraid to say that I am starting to doubt this new mayor already. It has not even been 100 days in office, I believe, and he has provided a pay increase to city staff and now the dam issue before us. I for one am always a proponent of "if you don't know what to do, do nothing". How is the mayor able to adequately assess that the city staff are in need of a raise in such short time in office? How does he know that the Dam needs remediation already? It's concerning that our previous mayor had his agenda and were ignored. This is just same s*** different pile.


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