Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Canadian Pot Legislation Coming -Spring 2017

This Huffpost article quotes Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott as saying federal legislation to legalize pot in Canada would be introduced in the spring of 2017.

Whether this is a genuine announcement with any real substance to it, or just a little bit of theatre by making the announcement on April 20 which of course is 4/20 or 420, a number having significance with those who tout the benefits of the magical, medicinal plant.



  1. Now why the heck would they make an announcement at the UN, with no "real substance" ?

    So far they seem to be sticking to their promises.
    That must be annoying a lot of people :-)

  2. They were elected in 2015, don't recall Mr. Trudeau saying or inferring that the move to make pot legal might come forward in the form of legislation in the spring of 2017. The people I know were of the hope that as soon as Trudeau assumed office, one of his first duties would be to legalize pot. Turns out that is a whole lot more complex than the Libs represented. Why the UN? Because there are a whole lot of countries that do not support our position, and like it or not, they likely have more clout in Ottawa than those wanting pot legal. Substance?? A politician making a claim about something over a year down the road?? And they always keep their word don't they??? Wanta' buy some swampland??

  3. I think it is the perfect venue for such an announcement. A UN conference on the failed drug war. The US is barging ahead, state by state, why not us. After all, it was a promise, and I see no pressing reason why they wouldn't follow through. It seems a no brainer, with a bit of planning .
    So, I think you are wrong on all counts. the time has come, and most of us, are on the side of legalizing. So keep your swampland, and go with the flow.

  4. ps anyhow, why not follow through with legalization ? It's not like it is a big deal with Canadians anymore. Certainly won't damage the Liberals in the polls. In fact, just the opposite.

    and most countries are slowly coming to the realization that the 'war' is lost anyhow. I think we will see a tide change of world opinion soon.

  5. I can't be the only one to see the irony in the fact that the 'war' is lost the same week the public health officer has declared a public health emergency due to drug related deaths.

  6. We are a primate prone to addictions, so let's acknowledge that and then get on with sane and safer management of that weakness. Fighting the idiots who sell it on the streets, and demonizing the 'users' has never worked----never.


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