Monday, April 25, 2016

KIJiJI - Amazon Vehicle Sales Scam

Claims Amazon will provide a safe transaction
Don't believe it!

The ad for the above RV appeared on KIJIJI two days ago and was only up for a short time and I realized it was a scam but sent a reply to 'play along' and see how this one would unfold.

I got the following reply to my first email:

Good Morning, i'm Maggie

The rv is very well taken care of and very clean with no mechanical problems, alI the equipment is in perfect working condition, no loans or liens on it and the price is $7,300.00 with shipping incIuded. Now, is in a warehouse of the shipping company in Winnipeg, MB and if you decide to buy it, you can pick it up or it will be shipped to your address along with all the papers, owner manual, bill of sale already signed by myseIf, and the clear title. I'm selling it because my husband passed away 5 months ago and it has become useless to me.... so if you are interested please let me know
i attached photos and info

I got this follow up to my second email reply along with a link to a page that 'appears' to represent Amazon. A close look at the url made it obvious this was not a legit Amazon page and once money is sent using this page, you can kiss it good-bye.

Hi again

When my husband died, me and my daughter decided to move to my parents in London,UK. Given the situation, i cannot conclude this transaction personally so i want to make this deal through Amazon's online protection system that is especially designed for this kind of transactions and gives you the possibility to test and inspect the motorhome without paying for it first. Amazon will act as a third party between me and you and will hold the payment until you confirm that it matches the description, otherwise, if is not what you paid for, you can request a full refund within 10 days after receiving it. Here is the amazon link where you can buy it:

Amazon has a webpage with lots of advice and tips on how to spot and avoid being scammed on the internet, including the false claim about Amazon guaranteeing to hold funds in escrow. You can view that site HERE.