Friday, April 29, 2016

Cowichan Bay Fire Destroys Vacation Home

Flames shooting skyward as house and trees burn
Fire razing one house and spreading to adjacent home
House completely destroyed, adjacent fire brought under control

Cowichan Bay Fire Destroys Home
damages two others

Local photo artist Sher Falls happened to be in Cowichan Bay hoping to catch sight of some white pelicans that had been seen the day before. As is the case with most photos, being in the right place at the right time with the right gear means getting some good photos.

The above fire could be seen from across the bay and Falls was able to get some good photos showing the initial blaze with several good pictures showing the progression of the efforts to contain the fire and keep it from spreading to adjacent homes.

It is reported that fighting this blaze was all the more difficult as there is no piped water on this street and water had to be trucked in. If you look closely in the bottom picture you can see three streams of water fire fighters were directing at the fire.

It took four fire departments and about five hours to completely extinguish the fire of unknown cause. Four people living in the building were able to safely exit. 

Photo credits: Sher Falls


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