Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Genesis Of The Green Cheese Story??

I've seen this poster in various places on the Net, and although I haven't been able to confirm this celestial event with any certainty it hasn't escaped notice that this is occurring on April 20 which of course is 4/20 and that it only occurs every 420 years.

I presume the number 420 has some hidden significance in this event which perhaps my good friend Matthew might be able to shed some light upon. 



  1. reminds me of the quote 'there's a sucker born every day', but i dig the dig on astrology and anyone crazy enough to pay attention to this has to be sent to everyone as anyone who believes in chain letters, chain nonsense or just plain nonsense, will want to get behind it! folks are so easily conned...

  2. Oh and you forgot to mention that the pull of gravity will increase greatly along the axis of the alignment of all the planets and those people who live in that zone will be sucked into outter space. I am packing my golf clubs and a whole bunch of other essentials just in case.......
    Cliff Marcil


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