Friday, April 01, 2016

Brother XII Treasure Found

Worth $500,000 when gold traded for $20 an ounce!

After the devastating fire in downtown Nanaimo which destroyed the landmark Acme/Jean Burns building, fire investigators made an astonishing discovery.

While going through the burned out rubble looking to establish the cause of the fire, they discovered a cement vault in a corner of the basement. They suspect the large cache of gold contained therein is the long lost treasure of infamous Brother XII.

Dateline: NANAIMO April 1 2016. J. Taylor



  1. If you had posted this any day but April 1st it would have been a crazy thing.

  2. If this story is true, it's going to make news all over Canada and the US. Search 'Brother XII gold' for the back story. I come up with $30 Million in value today. $500K/$20 = 25,00 ozs X $1200/oz = $30 Million. Who owns it now?

  3. LOL ... Happy April Fools Day Jim!

  4. EVERYTHING I read on your blog Jim...I take with a grain of salt! lol



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