Wednesday, April 06, 2016

CHEK News - - - Nanaimo Mayor Claims Coup

Photo:screengrab CHEK news website

CHEK news from Victoria had a clip last night about the strife at Nanaimo city hall. Under a heading reading 'Nanaimo Mayor claims councillors pulling coup', reporter Skye Ryan interviews the Mayor in his office where he presents his case as to the current state of city council.

During the interview, Ryan interviews the Mayor and a local barber, with a couple of clips from Monday's council meeting. I presume the barber was to present some kind of balance to the story?

One might ask Ryan why she did not interview any of the other members of council, seven of which have publicly asked the Mayor to resign. Obviously there is more to this story than Ryan was prepared to present. Of course, given this 'news' outlet almost never attends city council, ignorance of some of council dynamics is excusable.

Bloggers (yours truly being one) get a knock for not being legitimate journalists. Well, if this piece by Ryan is an example of sound, well-balanced journalism I am personally proud not to be included in that camp.

Just an example of why I have referred to some of the other local media as the lamestream media populated by the presstitiutes who are sort of like wind socks ........... they go whichever way the wind blows. This is the same station that a few months back used one of my photos with my copyright bug conveniently cropped off.



  1. Well, I wonder if insinuation is as slippery as it looks in this situation. It seems as if it may be about time for a lawful investigation?

  2. well let them pull a coup then,

    maybe it's the only solution !


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