Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Talented Street Entertainers Wanted In Nanaimo

One of seven maps showing entertainer locations in Nanaimo

Street entertainer permits available 
to perform on City owned property

Are you a musician or entertainer with some spare time looking to earn extra income?  Or, who just loves to be in the spotlight making people smile. With the issuance of a valid street entertainer permit from the City of Nanaimo, musicians or performers who enjoy providing entertainment to the public have the opportunity to utilize the numerous City owned public locations set out in schedule A of the street entertainers bylaw available online on the city website.

If you are interested in obtaining a street entertainer permit or have questions about the process or regulations, you can visit the Permit Centre located in the Service and Resource Centre (SARC) on the first floor at 411 Dunsmuir Street, phone 250-755-4482 or contact us by email at licencing@nanaimo.ca.

The annual fee for a street entertainer permit is $25 and entertainers are required to clearly display an entertainment badge while performing.


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