Monday, June 27, 2016

150' Hammond Bay Boat Pier Opposed

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Online petition seeks to stop private pier in Hammond Bay

By June 30th, if we don't protest the placement of a 150' long PRIVATE pier into Hammond Bay, by Pipers Lagoon, along with gravel to cover the oyster bed, and the erection of concrete pillars, we will be too late forever. 

Before June 30th, email (petitions are really listed to, private email is best): Authorizing, (Ministry of Forests) (Department of Fisheries) mayor& (Snuneymuxw First Nations) The precious area that would be scarred forever!

The private yacht pier would extend from the shore on the right into the water 150', with a bed of gravel and moorage area around the landing deck. Don't let this happen


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    It's a NIMBY or two not wanting a rightful landowner to put up a dock on their own private land! And it is not in Piper's Lagoon at all and will have no affect on anything the public sees or does.


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