Monday, June 13, 2016

Orcas Seen From The Duke Point Ferry

Sandhill Crane & Chick
Mom & kid
Bouncing baby Blackfish

Local photo artist Sher Falls took a trip to Delta in her quest for a picture of the Sandhill Crane chick recently born at the Reifel Sanctuary. Apparently there had been two chicks, but sadly only one survived. Last year however, none survived. So getting a picture of the chick is rather uncertain.

She was successful, as witnessed by the first picture which shows the chick in the shadow of it's very large parent. As an added bonus on her way home on the ferry to Duke Point she spotted a mother Orca and her young cruising along in near flat calm seas.

What a wonder filled place we live!!

You can see more of Sher Falls incredible photo art by simply Googling dragonfly dreams 88 . Her work is available for sale online.


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