Thursday, June 09, 2016

Rapid Intervention Team Training Exercise

Photo credit : City of Nanaimo
Advanced training program designed to rescue firefighters

On Wednesday morning, Nanaimo Fire Rescue held a training exercise for their Rapid Intervention Team Program. The scenario, held at the old Madill's paint booth, demonstrated what would occur in the event that a firefighter became trapped or lost at an incident and the subsequent required rescue.

During the exercise, fire crews were tasked with locating a mock fire inside the building and extinguishing it. At the same time, the Rapid Intervention Team was deployed to locate and rescue trapped or hurt firefighters.

The Rapid Intervention Team is a program developed by firefighters to ensure that a process is in place to prepare firefighters for the expedited rescue of on-scene personnel.

"I am extremely pleased with the dedication and leadership demonstrated by the firefighters that have been involved with this project from its inception and to what is has become today."   -   Brad Wood Nanaimo Fire Rescue 


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