Monday, June 27, 2016

Organizational Structure Changes At City Hall

Administrative changes introduced to support roll out of Core Services Review
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 In preparation of supporting Council with the implementation of any recommendations contained in the City's recently completed Core Services Review, senior management have introduced changes to the City's organizational structure by reallocating budget resources previously aligned with vacant management roles to create five new positions.  

The positions include roles in the areas of strategic planning and policy, culture and heritage, IT, freedom of information and social and multiculturalism.  Additional changes include the introduction of a Chief Financial Officer position which combines the leadership responsibilities of the current Director of Finance with strategic duties previously held by the vacated roles of Director of IT and Senior Director of Protective Services.

The changes being introduced are cost neutral to the City. Costs associated with the new positions are drawn from budgeted 2016 management roles that were recently vacated.

The City is following a phased approach when introducing changes to its organizational structure. Changes introduced earlier in June involved realigning various business units within revised reporting lines.

"A preliminary examination of the recommendations contained in the Core Services Review reveals the complexity of the decisions Council and administration will face over the coming months.  To be in a position to implement any recommendations endorsed by Council while concurrently supporting them in carrying out their Strategic Plan Update, staff and resources must be situated in the best places possible."   -   Tracy Samra CAO City of Nanaimo 


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