Saturday, June 11, 2016

Dale Schulz - Nanaimo - "As he sees it" - June 10/16

Lifelong Nanaimo resident, professional artist and illustrator Dale Schulz 'sees' much of Nanaimo many of us simply walk by without giving a second thought.

Through the eyes of an artist the everyday can become almost magical and with a few simple photos of his daily walks, Dale captures and shares some of that magic on his Facebook page.

The following is the most recent example of what Dale sees when he walks about our lovely seaside community many of us just take for granted.

 Schulz June 10

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Dale's Post - June 10/16
A mixed bag of photos today folks!

The skies are dramatic with incoming rain and I tried to get as much sky as possible in my shots today.

We started out by walking into the South End where I shot a pic of an excavator on Irwin Street (I love these big machines!) and the rails from the trestle off of Esplanade and Crace Streets.

Downtown on Cameron Island I shot the Gabriola Ferry Ramp and the Quinsam loading up as well as a shot of one of the condo buildings.

The other side of Cameron Island was my vantage point for three shots of the harbour - the first features the Bastion, the second a view South East towards Port Place Shopping Centre, and a Black and White shot with Mt. Benson in the background.

Onto Commercial Street and a look at the new 'Parklet' on Commercial Street. Indy checked it out closely and I captured a shot of the gleaming chairs - for those of you missing chairs in my posts the last couple days. I also took a shot of the plantings along the wall of the Parklet.

We headed up Albert Street and I took a shot of some pretty weeds in an empty lot with the Superette Grocery store visible in the background across Milton Street. At the top of Albert Street I took a nice texture shot of a cracked and peeling paint job on a roadside barrier. I love looking at this every time I walk by.

Down into Harewood and we stopped AGAIN to visit my little tree-buddy. The flowers are coming off so it looks a little different again. I also took this opportunity to get us a closer look at the foliage before it's all gone.


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